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"Presiding over matters
     previously concealed,
Exploring every detail...

Walking firm above waters,
Swiming precautiously real,
Reading the fine print on every teal...

from "Earthified " by Damsi"

This is a website for an original newspaper dedicated to
explaining the News, offering suggestions,
and not just reporting them.
Explaining why it is the way it is, seeing how it is that it is so,
understanding from where it came and where it leads,
knowing when it started, as well as knowing what it's worth.

Should you have a journalistic background,
or have a broad knowledge (or willing to investigate an issue)
on various stuff which makes the news,
you are welcome to email us.
Will also feature your comments, as the reader,
which makes the world go round
and understand the wrongs and the rights in our walks of life.
Please stay tuned!
ęDD, 2017

It was written by Damsi,
the editor-in-chief of this newspaper.
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