The Writing(12/07/2012) 
Did you know that the world was started by writing?

John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
Friday December 7, 2012 20:00 
Can I get a firm Amen T?
Firmament was one of God's first creations (writings).
Friday December 7, 2012 20:07 
In this edition of the raydeau, I'll be outlining the way God created the world by 'writing", and even wrote the Bible, with the help of mankind, which sometimes acts in a good manner and other times not so good.

But God had a plan... And you know, any good plan starts on paper. In His instance, it started with the Word, and with the Holy Spirit.
Friday December 7, 2012 20:12 
One thing we sometimes forget is the fact that it's all about God, and that we are but sinners who need forgiveness for our acts, and we definitely need rewriting in our life, rewriting as in salvation from our spiritual enemies, and even from ourselves.
Friday December 7, 2012 20:30 
God wrote the story from the beginning so that we won't get lost, and everyone who reads it, believes it and calls upon the name of the Lord whenever in doubt, whenever in a bad situation or in bad health, may be saved.
Friday December 7, 2012 20:34 
Let's look up the word "instruction", shall we?

Ahh! Was your first instinct telling you to look it up in the dictionary? Not so fast! Your first dictionary should be the bible. You'll be amazed as to what you can discover in it.
Friday December 7, 2012 20:42 
Proverbs 1:2 To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding
Friday December 7, 2012 20:42 
So, that would mean gathering word of understanding by knowing something that is useful to us. If we look at the make up of the word "instruction", then we find that it is compiled of in + structure, so it would be as if building something. Everyone can build something, but not many could build something useful.
Friday December 7, 2012 20:45 
You can also eat something, therefor you would go up in weight, or in knowledge if you "ate the words of the Lord, our God"... But we'll get to that later, as there were men, prophets even who were given things to eat and to write about it. It will be that interesting, yea!
Friday December 7, 2012 20:48 
Proverbs 1:23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.
Friday December 7, 2012 20:49 
The words of the Lord are the words which build us, make us a better person, turn us away from evil thoughts, and the likes.

The other side would like to build things which do not pertain to the Word of God... They are merely an earthly, unspoken babble put forward from the darkness, even the one found in the pits of hell.

Friday December 7, 2012 20:55 
Isaiah 8:19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?
Isaiah 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
Isaiah 8:21 And they shall pass through it, hardly bestead and hungry: and it shall come to pass, that when they shall be hungry, they shall fret themselves, and curse their king and their God, and look upward.
Isaiah 8:22 And they shall look unto the earth; and behold trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish; and they shall be driven to darkness.
Friday December 7, 2012 20:56 
2Peter 1:16 For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.
2Peter 1:17 For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.
2Peter 1:18 And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the holy mount.
2Peter 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:
2Peter 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
2Peter 1:21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
Friday December 7, 2012 21:01 
It is truly amazing what you find in the dictionary of our lifetime, in the instructions that, not only God gave us, but built us with.. i.e. with His holy words, as spoken by God Himself, or the Lord when he was instructed to come the first time so that we may hear the words of God, the Father, or spoken by prophets, even by ordinary men who were used to build up the structure of times, places and actions.
Friday December 7, 2012 21:04 
Yes, God instructed us, placed us in His structure, created us in His image, wrote us in His story, with the help of His Word, our Lord Jesus Christ!
Friday December 7, 2012 21:06 
Can I get a firm Amen T?
Friday December 7, 2012 21:08 
Till next time I'll open and write some more. Please leave a comment and I'll add it here next time. God bless!
Friday December 7, 2012 21:19 
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So, who ate the words that God spoke to them, and then published them accordingly in the Book of life?
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:07 
Ezekiel was one of such prophets:
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:10 
Ezekiel 3:1  Moreover he said unto me, Son of man, eat that thou findest; eat this roll, and go speak unto the house of Israel.
Ezekiel 3:2  So I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll.
Ezekiel 3:3  And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness.
Ezekiel 3:4  And he said unto me, Son of man, go, get thee unto the house of Israel, and speak with my words unto them.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:11 
The fact that God cares for mankind, enough to give us the real food that matter speaks volumes!

In fact, there are two witnesses (Matthew and Luke) to the Lord's remark:

Matthew 4:4  But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Luke 4:4  And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:19 
Amazingly, same number of chapter and verse!


More importantly: The Manna - the food that God had sent out to the people of Israel:

Exodus 16:31 And the house of Israel called the name thereof Manna: and it was like coriander seed, white; and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey.

God proved them, gave them a choice, tested them:

Exodus 16:4 Then said the LORD unto Moses, Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, or no.

John 6:31 Our fathers did eat manna in the desert; as it is written, He gave them bread from heaven to eat.
John 6:32 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven; but my Father giveth you the true bread from heaven.

But some did not want to hear, nor taste, because they gave into their lusts, lusts after flesh, after meat...

Psalms 78:22 Because they believed not in God, and trusted not in his salvation:

Psalms 78:23 Though he had commanded the clouds from above, and opened the doors of heaven,

Psalms 78:24 And had rained down manna upon them to eat, and had given them of the corn of heaven.

Psalms 78:25 Man did eat angels' food: he sent them meat to the full.

Psalms 78:26 He caused an east wind to blow in the heaven: and by his power he brought in the south wind.

Psalms 78:27 He rained flesh also upon them as dust, and feathered fowls like as the sand of the sea:

Psalms 78:28 And he let it fall in the midst of their camp, round about their habitations.

Psalms 78:29 So they did eat, and were well filled: for he gave them their own desire;

Psalms 78:30 They were not estranged from their lust. But while their meat was yet in their mouths,

Psalms 78:31 The wrath of God came upon them, and slew the fattest of them, and smote down the chosen men of Israel.

Psalms 78:32 For all this they sinned still, and believed not for his wondrous works.


Remember that Ezekiel testified of the sweetness of the words from God, as he was about to prophesy

Ezekiel 3:2 So I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll.
Ezekiel 3:3 And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat it; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness.

Same with John in the Book of Revelation:

Revelation 10:10 And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.
Revelation 10:11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

... It was bitter because John had to prophesy, even to write for generations to come to hear and heed the Lord God's words!

Can I get a firm Amen?

Sunday December 9, 2012 13:21 
It is worth reading the whole Ezekiel chapter 3 to get a notin of what God is saying, and how is He saying it.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:22 
Another prophet, Jeremiah...
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:23 
Jeremiah 36:1 And it came to pass in the fourth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah king of Judah, that this word came unto Jeremiah from the LORD, saying,
Jeremiah36:2 Take thee a roll of a book, and write therein all the words that I have spoken unto thee against Israel, and against Judah, and against all the nations, from the day I spake unto thee, from the days of Josiah, even unto this day.
Jeremiah36:3 It may be that the house of Judah will hear all the evil which I purpose to do unto them; that they may return every man from his evil way; that I may forgive their iniquity and their sin.
Jeremiah 36:4 Then Jeremiah called Baruch the son of Neriah: and Baruch wrote from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the LORD, which he had spoken unto him, upon a roll of a book.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:25 
Again, another chapter worth reading: Jeremiah, chapter 36.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:26 
One important thing which is reflected in the Old Testament and is manifested in the New Testament... and a "testament" is something that has to be written down, right?...

Well, in the Old one, God spoke... from the far; in the New one, Jesus spoke... face to face with those around Him, and those who hearkened, from the old, to the voice of God.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:31 
Now, the word "isles" refers sometimes, if not all times in the Bible to the nations scattered abroad.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:37 
Jeremiah 31:10 Hear the word of the LORD, O ye nations, and declare it in the isles afar off, and say, He that scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him, as a shepherd doth his flock.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:37 
The expression "afar off" here, refers to the future too, to another realm, as it were, to the generations to come.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:41 
Another good example of how God wrote the 10 commandments... and these ones, initially, He wrote them Himself:
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:43 
Exodus 32:15 And Moses turned, and went down from the mount, and the two tables of the testimony were in his hand: the tables were written on both their sides; on the one side and on the other were they written.
Exodus 32:16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:45 
and then...
Exodus 34:1 And the LORD said unto Moses, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will write upon these tables the words that were in the first tables, which thou brakest.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:46 
Exodus 4:11 And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man's mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the LORD?
Exodus 4:12 Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:47 
Yes, God creates us all. Do we have the faith to call upon Him when we need guidance, or healing, or even to thank Him for the goods we in front of us?
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:48 
Another testimony of God actually creating us from the womb...

Isaiah 49:1 Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.
Sunday December 9, 2012 13:50 
Yes, God knows you. He wrote the day and the hour and the place where you will be born. He also knows the time and the place when you will depart this world.

The only thing that is up to you, is the time and the situation in which you will be calling the Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, that moment when you would want with all your heart and with all your mind, that action that you will be taking in confessing you believe He is the One for you, the One in which you believe and confess with your mouth that He is Lord, and that He is the Son of God, same One who cares for you and does not forget you, even though you might forget He is there.

Sunday December 9, 2012 14:01 
Something interesting about the scroll.. a scroll which you may think is something someone would write upon... It occurs 2 times in the Bible:

Isaiah 34:4
And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.

and then in...

Revelation 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
Sunday December 9, 2012 14:15 
Things happen in the sky a lot, even when we don't know it, yet it is God who is always in control, and no star or cloud or the sun or the moon or the wind move without His knowledge.
Sunday December 9, 2012 14:23 
Now, compare Revelation 6:14 with Mark 16:19...

Mark 16:14 Afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he was risen.

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

Mark 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Mark 16:19 So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.

Mark 16:20 And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.
Sunday December 9, 2012 14:25 
So the writing continues even to this day, thanks to the Word of God... Jesus... Yes He was received in Heaven, yet His words remain to guide us, to heal us, to will us on to whichever task we are to undertake... all until that day when even the heaven shall be rolled together like a scroll, and the chapter of this world will be done away with, wickedness shall cease, righteousness shall abound as the Lord Jesus Christ will reign with us for a 1000 years.
Sunday December 9, 2012 14:31 
Until next time, I leave you with this verse:

2Corinthians 3:14
But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.
Sunday December 9, 2012 14:32 
Always use the King James Version as the only version of the truth, where no words are taken away from nor are being added to the Word of God.
Sunday December 9, 2012 14:33 
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There are a number of certain phrases in the Bible where we see that it came from God:
Tuesday December 11, 2012 10:45 
"Thus saith the Lord"

"The voice of the Lord"

"The word of the Lord (came unto me, saying)"

And those who heard the Lord and His Word, they heard it not only in their mind, but also felt it in their heart, for as we know...

2Corinthians 3:3 Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.
Tuesday December 11, 2012 10:56 
Genesis 3:8 And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden
1Samuel 15:1 hearken thou unto the voice of the words of the LORD.
Tuesday December 11, 2012 10:57 
Every apostle in the New Testament had a near sight account (in Peter 1:2 we also read "Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father") of the sayings of the Lord, thus the words of the Father. And the Father knew ahead of time who His elected people will be that shall be saved, and these are the tribes mentioned in Revelations, they are, in fact, the seed of Jacob...


Isaiah 65:9 And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains: and mine elect shall inherit it, and my servants shall dwell there.
Isaiah 65:22 They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.

Tuesday December 11, 2012 11:03 
1John 1:1 That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;
1John 1:2 (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)
1John 1:3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.
1John 1:4 And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.
1John 1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
Tuesday December 11, 2012 11:05 
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        His words shall not pass away... witnessed and logged in the first 3 books of the new testament... the so-called books of the heart (and together with John makes up the full 4 chambers of the heart)... and that is where Lord Jesus is written, in our hearts.

Matthew 24:35  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Mark 13:31  Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

Luke 21:32  Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled
Luke 21:33  Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.
Friday December 14, 2012 18:03 
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The following is a Line Aligning I came up with today...

Wither not,
For it is written
shan't sleep
But you too shall be translated in the twinkling of an eye!

(includes 1Corinthians 15:52 verse of the Bible)
Saturday December 15, 2012 21:02 
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The most famous figure, most famous peronality, most famous One that we have been hearing of for centuries and millenniums did not need to show Himself in order to let you know He loves you, cares for you and wants you to know His Word, whether in writing or in flesh (as He let it be manifested as such)
Monday December 17, 2012 19:07 
Our world craves too much for the visual, for the famous pastors!

Remember: it is important only to show the written words of the bible, and not the people who accounted to write these words, or to document the events word by word... Because, ultimately, God wrote the Bible, and He needed not show His face but His words, His prophecies given perfectly to certain prophets (and if a prophet is wrong one time, he is not a prophet at all).
Monday December 17, 2012 19:12 
Let the words speak for themselves!

And I am letting the words here, and no, I am not a pastor nor a prophet, just a simple, ordinary man who believes in the writing of God.

Now, God actually wrote Himself (with the help of His Word, Jesus Christ, too) in a couple of instances, and I will share with you these occurances next time.
Monday December 17, 2012 19:15 
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The first instance where we find God writing to us, is when He delivered the 10 Commandments right unto the tables that Moses brought...

Exo 32:15 And Moses turned, and went down from the mount, and the two tables of the testimony were in his hand: the tables were written on both their sides; on the one side and on the other were they written.
Exodus 32:16 And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tables.

and then...
Exodus 34:1 And the LORD said unto Moses, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will write upon these tables the words that were in the first tables, which thou brakest.
Wednesday December 19, 2012 11:18 
The second instance, we find it in Daniel chapter 5...

Daniel 5:2 Belshazzar, whiles he tasted the wine, commanded to bring the golden and silver vessels which his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the temple which was in Jerusalem; that the king, and his princes, his wives, and his concubines, might drink therein.

Daniel 5:5 In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaister of the wall of the king's palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote.

Daniel 5:17 Then Daniel answered and said before the king...

Daniel 5:18 O thou king, the most high God gave Nebuchadnezzar thy father a kingdom, and majesty, and glory, and honour

Daniel 5:22 And thou his son, O Belshazzar, hast not humbled thine heart, though thou knewest all this;
Daniel 5:23 But hast lifted up thyself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of his house before thee, and thou, and thy lords, thy wives, and thy concubines, have drunk wine in them; and thou hast praised the gods of silver, and gold, of brass, iron, wood, and stone, which see not, nor hear, nor know: and the God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified:
Daniel 5:24 Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written.
Daniel 5:25 And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.
Daniel 5:26 This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.
Daniel 5:27 TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
Daniel 5:28 PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

Wednesday December 19, 2012 11:26 
The third instance is when Jesus wrote in the ground...

John 8:1   Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.
John 8:2   And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.
John 8:3   And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,
John 8:4   They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.
John 8:5   Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?
John 8:6  This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.
John 8:7  So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
John 8:8  And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.
John 8:9  And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.
John 8:10  When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?
John 8:11  She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.
Wednesday December 19, 2012 11:57 
No one really accused the woman, although she was caught in the act of adultery, and when the Lord asked her to name her accusers, she said no one. Jesus did not judge her, but commanded her to "sin no more".

There is more weight behind a commandment of God, one which we should be wise to seek, to ask Him regarding a matter, than it is behind a judgment. Lord Jesus goes on in the same chapter...
Wednesday December 19, 2012 12:14 
John 8:38 I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.

Joh 8:44
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

John 8:49 Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honour my Father, and ye do dishonour me.
John 8:50 And I seek not mine own glory: there is one that seeketh and judgeth.
John 8:51 Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.

John 8:58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.
Wednesday December 19, 2012 12:24 
These people were not in a position to judge anybody, they were going even after Jesus to entrap him. That is when Jesus looked to the true Father, His father, our Father (should we know the Lord, then we should know the Father) for true commandment, a different kind of righteousness in the eyes of our Father, thus in the eyes of our Lord...

... He who was there from the beginning, He who was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, John 1:1.
Wednesday December 19, 2012 12:30 
Now, pertaining to the incident with the woman, we find the solution that Jesus commanded her as a commandment in the book of Numbers, chapter 5. Please read it.

Wednesday December 19, 2012 12:39 
Lesson here, in all 3 writings: entrust your case to God, and hear from the Lord Jesus in the Holy Spirit, as one testament has been written, yet the new testament is the one to "make you free", and not keep you in bondage with the old law that has been done away with in Christ Jesus.

Wednesday December 19, 2012 12:43 
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If you notice throughout the bible, there are various occurrences of the phrase "It shall come to pass", 120 times, to be exact, a number divisible by 3 (the number of God), or the phrase "It came to pass", 453 times, another number divisible by 3 (divine perfection; incidentally, the earth was separated by the waters on the 3rd day - God's imprint in the writing of the world, in the creation of the world).
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:16 
This phrase denotes the fulfillment, the perfect fulfillment of matters, of things, of actions of the people, of His actions, too.
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:19 
In fact, there are multiple times in the bible, and it is a very good way to read it sometimes (just search for one word or instance in the Old Testament and the same one in the New Testament, and you shall find that it happened exactly how it was predicted, or it was "done", finished), by browsing, therefor, through the waves of the writing, and you shall experience the fulfillment, Jesus' fulfilling prophecy, but also how people were acting one way in order to bring something to fruition, or to have something of a warning for other generations past, present and future... like a shadow of things that were to come true.
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:23 
Can I get a firm Amen T?
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:24 
Did you know...
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:26 
There are 3 divisions of time... past, present and future.

There are 3 persons (he, she, it) in our grammar.

Thought, word, deed, they are the sum of human capacity.
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:27 
Good things come in 3's.
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:28 
There are only 4 occurrences of "cometh to pass", however...
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:34 
Lamentations 3:37 Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?

Ezekiel 33:33 And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.

(notice here in Ezekiel, the paranthesis "lo, it will come", signifying that it will surely come to pass; this refers, by the way, to any good prophet who was told by the Holy Spirit of things that are to happen, and happen they will, because God is never wrong, thus the prophet of God is never wrong)

Luke 12:55 And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass.

John 15:25
But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.

(in John, here, the Lord Jesus is speaking)
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:39 
Number 4 mainly shows God's creative work.

When we say we are creative, we are not always pertaining to God's creativity, but to our imagination, and that is not always a good thing. If we re to stay true and close to God, our creativity will reflect His creations.

We can dedicate a song to someone which may be of our own imagination, but it is always good to not stray away from "the writing', God's writings, His commandments, in other words to not deceive others, to not mislead them or fall into various kind of temptations that can be of the other side's help.
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:46 
Remember everything God does, the devil turns it upside down and wants to claim it. Don't fall for mass deception, always stay true to God, His words, and His Word, His connection to you, Christ Jesus.
Saturday December 22, 2012 20:51 
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There are many confusions in our world, even from times old, many fusions that have been yoked into mankind just to turn people away from the One True God.
Monday December 24, 2012 17:29 
God warned, even made a clear point about their vanities to us in Isaiah 44.
And "Thus saith the LORD..."

Isaiah 44:2
Thus saith the LORD that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee;
Monday December 24, 2012 17:32 
These are visions which Isaiah wrote down straight from the Word of God...

Isaiah 8:1 Moreover the LORD said unto me, Take thee a great roll, and write in it with a man's pen...
Monday December 24, 2012 17:48 
That is one way that God communicated with men.

Yet the most imortant way God communicates with us, is through "the stem of Jesse", "the Branch" that is our "Comforter":

Isaiah 11:1  And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:
Isaiah 11:2  And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;
Isaiah 11:5  And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.

God does not communicate with us through tainted associations...

Isaiah 8:9  Associate yourselves, O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces.
Monday December 24, 2012 18:04 
Luke 12:37 Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them.
Monday December 24, 2012 18:10 
1Peter 1:12 Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into.
1Peter 1:13 Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;
Monday December 24, 2012 18:11 
"Gird"- to belt, bind about, to bind up, afresh... something that holds you firm, something which binds you to righteousness and holds you true, keeps you closer to the word of God.
Monday December 24, 2012 18:14 
In fact, if you write something that is deceiving, moreover, if you add to the words that God spoke or has given the power to His people to write, then...

Isaiah 10:1
Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;
Isaiah 10:2 To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!
Monday December 24, 2012 18:17 
Propping solid ore for the hurting
By adding more from the girding,
Planting seeds of greatness
And propelling fruits that heal!

(some verses that just came to me and I'm sharing them with you)
Monday December 24, 2012 18:51 
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We read how interesting the Book of Job can be numerically in "The Firmament", so here is another 22:22 fact about writing:
Job 22:22 Receive, I pray thee, the law from his mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart.
Friday December 28, 2012 07:36 
Just as...
Matthew 24:35  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
... states, there is even a lesson of "evidence", sort of like a "deed" that the Lord God instructed Jeremiah, mirroring, thus, the fact that the Bible is the written deed which He instructs us to keep and to preserve, furthermore, keep in our hearts, even!
Friday December 28, 2012 07:41 
The 32nd chapter of Jeremiah deals with this issue, even with the very fact which God said it will happen, culminating in the last verse...

Jeremiah 32:44 Men shall buy fields for money, and subscribe evidences, and seal them, and take witnesses in the land of Benjamin, and in the places about Jerusalem, and in the cities of Judah, and in the cities of the mountains, and in the cities of the valley, and in the cities of the south: for I will cause their captivity to return, saith the LORD.
Friday December 28, 2012 07:48 
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Psalms 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
Psalms 12:7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.
Saturday December 29, 2012 20:46 
As well, in Luke we read precisely how the Lord communicates with us, here doing so with His prophets:

Luke 1:67 And his father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Ghost, and prophesied, saying,
Luke 1:68 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people,
Luke 1:69 And hath raised up an horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David;
Luke 1:70 As he spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began:
Saturday December 29, 2012 21:03 
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There are conversations in the bible, i.e. the two places where two phrases complement each other, mirror each other, even come to fruition, as what happens is always a shadow of things to come.

Here is one instance:

Gen 28:12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.
Gen 28:13 And, behold, the LORD stood above it, and said, I am the LORD God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed;
Gen 28:14 And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.
Gen 28:15 And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.
Gen 28:16 And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not.
Gen 28:17 And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.

And then in the book of John we read:

John 1:51 And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.
Monday December 31, 2012 15:49 
1Corinthians 2:4 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:
1Corinthians 2:5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

Everything that happens in this world is in the bible, but you have to look for it. What you read today, may not be what you understand tomorrow, but "it shall come to pass" and you shall, eventually, understand it.
"The Word of the Lord came unto me saying"

The world gives us food for thought, whereas God gives us food for the soul.

Once again: as the world gives us food for thought, or food for confusion, the Lord, our God gives us food for our soul, continually, perpetually.

Greatest food God ever gave us was placed in a manger, and that was His Word, the Lamb, the Babe.
Monday December 31, 2012 15:53 
I conclude this year with a prayer:
Let us be the pens that God would write with, instead of being the pencils which are easily getting erased in this world.

Have a great 2013!
"The Writing" continues within 48 hours!

Monday December 31, 2012 16:59 
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Revelations 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
Revelations 14:7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
Thursday January 3, 2013 19:25 
"Everlasting" - going beyond a beginning, indeed, for...

Psalms 93:2
Thy throne is established of old: thou art from everlasting.
Thursday January 3, 2013 19:32 
We should be grateful, and give praise to the Lord, God, for He has given us, humans, a chance to live and breathe. And for that to happen, we had to have an Earth, a home, and water, a helpful ingredient. 

By the power of God's Word, that is how everything comes to be created.

And if God wants the gospel to continue to be preached and to be told for generations and generations, than He always finds a way to preserve it.
Thursday January 3, 2013 19:37 
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Everything in the bible, in the right version of it that is, where you will not find a verse at the bottom of a page like an annotation, as if someone decided it's not important (for example in Acts 36-37...

Acts 8:36 
And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?
Acts 8:37  And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. )
Friday January 4, 2013 22:16 
... or verses missing completely or changed that you won't find the true story of the Lord, or find "someone else's story", the other side's so it fits various blasphemies...

... Everything in the bible fits because God sanctioned it that way, and He wanted it to fit from the beginning to the end, because God is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.
Friday January 4, 2013 22:21 
God doesn't mince words, people do. God sent his Word, who was with Him, who is Him.
Friday January 4, 2013 22:23 
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The "voice of the Lord" is also another evidence that God is near us...
Sunday January 6, 2013 18:58 
Genesis 3:8 And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden
1Samuel 15:1 hearken thou unto the voice of the words of the LORD.

Deuteronomy 30:10 If thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which are written in this book of the law, and if thou turn unto the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul.
Deuteoronomy 30:11 For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off.
Deuteronomy 30:12 It is not in heaven, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go up for us to heaven, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?
Deuteronomy 30:13 Neither is it beyond the sea, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go over the sea for us, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?
Deutoronomy 30:14 But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it.

He who has an ear, let him hear - Jesus came, spoke, was listened to, was published, heard from generation to generation.
Sunday January 6, 2013 19:00 
In the beginning, in the creation days, God was involved in the shape-up of the humanity, helping with the writing of the law, and with the writing of His Word in our hearts (through Jesus Christ), perfectly.

As time went by, God was and still is with us through His Word, and will remain to be with us until the fulfillment of the whole prophecy, perfectly.

Everything in the bible had to be sanctioned by the Word, so that generations to come will see it, and see it by faith, furthermore experience it through the Holy Ghost.
Sunday January 6, 2013 19:04 

Please read
Mark 5:1-20 because that's what the man was told to publish.

Mark 5:19 Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.
Mark 5:20 And he departed, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel.
Sunday January 6, 2013 19:06 
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There is one correlation type of expression in the bible... "As it is written"... and it refers to either the written law, or the prophets prophesying of the coming of the Lord, or God's ultimate commandments and guiding paths all throughout the Old Testament, now fulfilled in the New, or yet to be fulfilled in the future.
Monday January 7, 2013 17:16 
Luke 3:3 And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins;
Luke 3:4 As it is written in the book of the words of Esaias the prophet, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.
Luke 3:5 Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth;
Luke 3:6 And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.
Monday January 7, 2013 17:20 
And where do we find the phrase saying "The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight."?

Isaiah 40:1 Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.
Isaiah 40:2 Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD'S hand double for all her sins.
Isaiah 40:3 The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Esaias is Isaiah, just Greek replacing Hebrew (or in this case, the English name given to the prophet).
Monday January 7, 2013 17:23 
Other occurences of "As it is written"

Romans 4:17  (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.

Romans 11:26
  And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:
Romans 11:27  For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.

2 Corinthians 9:9  (As it is written, He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor: his righteousness remaineth for ever.
Monday January 7, 2013 17:32 
There are in all about 45 occurences.
Monday January 7, 2013 17:32 
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You can actually find, with the help of a searchable Bible option, 91 matches of the word "write", 62 occurences of the word "wrote" and 291 occurences of the word "written", totalling the number 444, which is divisible by 3, the Trinity number, a number synonymous with God's plan of salvation. As well, it is on the 3rd day that the Earth, our Earth was separated from the waters by God.

Granted, not in all instances of the verb (to write) God actually wrote or commanded people to write, or inspired them to write within the holy Spirit, however God sanctioned the writing, as in where Paul or Peter or Titus, etc write to the respective churches, or the people who will be reading their letters and will be saved through the Word of God, through God's Grace and your strong faith in Him. In other words, they never spoke out of context, they spoke God's commandments, God's words, they relayed the Word.
Wednesday January 9, 2013 15:31 
Can I get a firm Amen T?
Wednesday January 9, 2013 15:33 
Read this, now, pertaining to the word "published":

Mark 13:4
Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign when all these things shall be fulfilled?
Mark 13:5 And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you:
Mark 13:6 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
Mark 13:7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.
Mark 13:8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.
Mark 13:9 But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them.
Mark 13:10 And the gospel must first be published among all nations.
Mark 13:11 But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost.
Wednesday January 9, 2013 15:41 
You see the word "published" in Mark 13:10 (by the way, in what normal book of any genre that you have read in your life, have you seen a footnote telling you about a line, instead of it being added so it wouldn't break the flow of a story; or where have you encountered missing words, even entire verses the author has decided to omit from a book? Nowhere. The ones who do that in modern versions, even change the meaning of words or phrases, are deceiving you, so take heed)...

... But you see in Mark 13:11 also the expression "whatsoever shall be given you', this paralleling the "He caused me to eat that roll' you read in Ezekiel 3 verses 1 through 4, and also in Jeremiah, same concept.
Wednesday January 9, 2013 15:52 
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A paranthesis here: after The Firmament and The Writing, I'll be writing another piece to add to these miraculous deliveries from God.
Friday January 11, 2013 13:38 
I mentioned that God created the world by writing. Certainly, it is the Word who did it all, it is the Spirit of God who "moved upon the face of the waters", well, God writes in many ways, it doesn't have to be on the tables, nor on a wall, nor on the ground, but these are some of the ways God uses to write the story of mankind...
Friday January 11, 2013 14:15 
God writes with waters... There is Noah's flood that we are familiar with (and that story is worth remembering because so it will be at the end of times), but He wrote the waters, then separated them to form the Heaven, as well as brought out of them the Earth, and so on.

God writes by quickening... John leaped inside the womb of Elisabeth (and she was filled with the Holy Ghost, as Luke 1:41 describes); Quickening is a word that is descibed as "giving life", "alive", it pertains to the Spirit of God... It merits an essay within itself.

God writes through apostles... as we have seen.
Friday January 11, 2013 14:19 
God writes by helping... He has helped kings as well as ordinary men throughout the Bible, even those who were not initially on board with His love, his program, but the Lord God's plan opened their eyes and they called upon His name and he sent armies or protection of a holy kind to them, to him, to her, to you, to me, to anyone!
(This is what it means for a Christian to leave as an example, as a faithful example to anyone who does not understand this from the outside, so that they may see the works of the Creator).
Friday January 11, 2013 14:40 
Have you ever encountered these numbers? 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...

Those are the, so-called, Fibonacci numbers, and they form a spiral, or a whirl, and you see them in the eternity of a monitor inside a monitor inside a monitor and so on, in the flowers, in the waves of the sea, in everything; they are eternal.

God writes with eternity... that is one of His signatures in our world, and it is manifested in a spiral, in perpetuity. (Remember what Micah 5:2 says: Mic 5:2  But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting. )

You should know, if you haven't read the Bible, that hell is also an eternal place; yes, some don't die and go to sleep one death, but afterwards they shall be awaken for judgment, and in the second death, their souls will be tormented and worse, along with Satan himself and his army of fallen angels who have deceived everybody.

It is written.
Friday January 11, 2013 15:03 
Just got inspired to write a poem/song which include words like
fortuitously, perpetuity, eternity, happenstance, melodious, etc., and will share with you next time.

God bless you!
Friday January 11, 2013 15:18 
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Hands up!
Hands off!
Let me get off!
You hold on to the bars
While I'll get my groove on
and grab the clef key,

God addresses me in a sense of perpetuity,
All from His habitat of eternity.

Foreordained to step in here
by what others see as happenstance,
I tell you:
Without a stint in the daily fire
you would not be inclined to think of your repentance.
Sunday January 13, 2013 13:43 
This being the poem I am sharing with you, even as I am still writing it. Sounds like a rap, doesn't it Laughing
Sunday January 13, 2013 13:50 
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King James Bible, the sober way to knowing Jesus
Tuesday January 15, 2013 05:39 
This image above is something I made, and it's message is very clear.

Can I get a firm -Amen- T?
Tuesday January 15, 2013 05:42 
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The verse from 2 Titus 3:16 lays it out perfectly about the approval or the sanctioning of the Scripture by God for all to read...

2Titus 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
Wednesday January 16, 2013 19:24 
No words could be out of context or wrong, but interpretations can. Sometimes, when in days past people were trying to interpret one verse or another, they couldn't envision the future, moreover, they were not privileged to the prophecy as told by God, for they were probably listening to other little gods that spoke in deceiving manners.

If it is that someone had, indeed, a vision from God, then it should happen and it should be perfect.

No words could be cut out, left out, changed even, because, should this be yet again the case, it was not written for you to receive the true Word of God, but to be deceived by the words of other gods.
Wednesday January 16, 2013 19:29 
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If God wrote the Bible, then He created the world through His Word and gave life to humans by breathing "the breath of life" into
our nostrils, all in the beginning.

And, as we know God is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, so it is, thus, that the we should
not live by
bread alone, but "by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4, also witnessed and written in the Spirit in and by Luke 4:4).

That is a
whole meal; that is a complete meal; that being the breath of life given by the Word.

Friday January 18, 2013 17:17 
In my next writing, called "The Feeding", you will see how it was done in extensivity.
Friday January 18, 2013 17:19 

  Out of the mouth of God came the breath of life, i.e. creation, and the writing came from and by the Word of God, His Son, Jesus Christ, who took it upon Himself
our sins up on the cross so that we may be saved, so that we may have everlasting life in Him, in His book, in His book of life, the way He wrote it from the beginning!

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.)

The breath of life and the Word have the same source - they are of God's, of the Word's and of the Holy Spirit's - the 3 are one and the same.

Moreover, in the book of Genesis we read that "the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters", and "God said" (and in order to say something, you got to have words, God had His Word to say it, to make it happen, "and it was so")... That's creation in and of the Highest!

Friday January 18, 2013 17:21 
When the Word becomes alive, it is only the Word that could do that, God's Word, God's breath of life that become flesh in order to personify something and say, therefor, "It is finished", for no one else on Earth nor up in Heaven can do that but God Himself, writing the story and becoming the story.
Friday January 18, 2013 17:22 
Can I get a firm Amen T?
Friday January 18, 2013 17:25 
Everything starts from "The Firmament", everything is done by "The Writing", everyone is experiencing "The Feeding" at one point or another in their life, and everything and everyone is accomplished through "The Quickening" of the Lord, our God.
Friday January 18, 2013 17:36 

Daniel 12:4
But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Daniel 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

Daniel 12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

Daniel 12:11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

Daniel 12:12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

Daniel 12:13 But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.
Friday January 18, 2013 17:39 
My prayer is that you acknowledge the Lord, the only begotten Son of God and that trust Him and no other gods, no other idols, no other familiar spirits. In the beginning there was One, there was always One, there cannot be but One.
Please pray to be saved by the Lord, God through the Holy Spirit; you don't need water, you just need to believe that Jesus is the Son of God... Confess it with your mouth and believe it in your heart, then let, the Holy Spirit guide you (for he is the Comforter) and save you.
God bless you and guide you,
in Jesus Name,
Friday January 18, 2013 17:43 

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