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Please view an inspiring poem I wrote called "God's ...tens",
basically containing words from the bible ending with "ten",
and they explain who God is and what He can do,
all in all 924 of them, a number divisible by 7!
As well, please view another theological piece I wrote entitled "The Firmament"
regarding the heavens, the breastplate, the wisdom, understanding
and "The Writing" regarding creation through His Word, how God wrote the Bible,
for us, how we can find comfort and salvation in God's only begotten Son,
Jesus Christ.


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New: The Word and the world,
What is at stake these days, as the "Adversary",
the devil turns everything upside down and inside out, and what the world prefers vs what God commands each and everyone.


This is a wonderful, blessed sermon by Bethel Church in MO, US
laying out a few of the "Seven Times" occurences in the bible.


The following is brought to you
by GIM's initiator:

The newest live event is called "The Way, The Truth, The Life"

This will include what the Bible says, what to avoid around us,
a couple of exclusive poems I wrote inspired by the scripture and the Word of God,
identifying the churches from the book of Revelations which mislead people and more.
God bless you!


I started a new live event called
"The Firmament"
and I invite you all to read up, share it, even comment there
as it is going to be an insightful booklet about what exactly is the firmament and how it relates to our Lord, Jesus Christ and the heavens.


There is quite a theological difference between 2 interpretors of the scripture, one by Professor Walter Veith, the other by Pastor Mike Hoggard.
While I have been listening to and watching Prof. Veith's interpretations, I now realize that we've been missing the, so-called, giants, as well as the fallen angels who are trying to mingle with the seeds of man.

If you watch Pastor Hoggard's videos, he's been guided by the Holy Spirit as to how literal and how simple it is to see that this is exactly what is going to happen, according to the King James Bible.
I think Prof. Veith is certainly trying to warn us of the bad people around us, but he has not warn us about the interference from above.
May God be with you and guide you!


Please view the following video,
as well as others that Pastor Mike Hoggard has done,
for he is quoting King James Bible like no other.

God bless you!

This video gives you an insight into what is the Temple of the Lord
and Word of God, which basically resides inside of us,
and those who want to break it:
Secret of Solomon's Key Revealed

While you and I have been misled through the years,
we have stood strong with God's teachings through Jesus Christ,
in whom we believe there is 
the only way of salvation,
a single truth,
and a most precious, everlasting life!

Please understand, if you heaven't thus far,
that there is no unifier other than Jesus Christ Himself,
and that He did not sacrifice Himself on the cross
in order to bring unity to our world,
but He came so that you and I may have eternal life
in Heaven.

There is no, and I repeat NO other power on Earth,
that even comes close to our Saviour,
"God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit,
seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles,
believed on in the world, received up into glory."
according to Timothy 3:16.
Yet there is an impostor, a Vicar of Satan (the one running the world,
with its occult rituals straight out of Babylonian and Egyptian times),
and he is The Papacy.

We do not have the power to dethrone, but the power to unmask.
We do raise our eyebrows and wonder how this could have
happened, inserting his pagan symbols and have them hidden
in plain site.

I invite you to discover the Mike Hoggard channel and
you will understand what and who we are dealing with in this

Please note:
If we knew about the importance of all this occultism before,
then the unmasking of Satan would have occured long ago,
and I think the end of times would have brought a mighty war
ahead of the predestined times, as predicted in the
Book of Daniel, and backed by the Book of Revelations.

Please be advised, first and foremost, that there are no apparitions
of Christ Himself, but of the other, darker side of matters,
and that we should walk by faith and not by sight,
i.e. we don't need a visual for the coming Messiah,
because that visual is used by Satan to deceive and deter us
from the real Jesus Christ, whom we shall see in all His glory,
and know when He is to come, (and it won't be on the news)

Please be advised, therefor, that we should pray for everyone,
including the wrongdoers in our world, for they have
been misled and used through time and history by Satan,
and pray for our family, our friends and their families 
so that they may discover and understand the current times,
and have a relationship with Jesus Christ as we all do.

Please hold God's Commandments true,
and believe the only way of Salvation is through
Jesus Christ,
(in whose Name I ask they you all be blessed
upon reading this post).





Recently I have been writing a few posts at my personal site,
and I invite you to read them here.

One of the posts is entitled
"Personification of God through Christ
resembles Communicating through a Language

and the other is called
Why the sex?

The second post is, rather, ecclesiastic in its message,
but it also includes the aliens and the demons, UFO subjects.

May you be blessed upon reading the posts,
in Christ Jesus.


The Deauliveration of the Heaven and of the Earth

Earth = a water delivery;
Deaulivery = a delivery which comes from water.

Heaven = a delivery (a placement)
which separated the waters;
Earth = a delivery (an installment)
which came up from the waters and separated them.
Waters under the Heaven  were called together,
therefore, letting the Earth appear.
This means that the part which we call Earth
is actually a piece of the Heaven.
Delivery is the keyword;
Waters are the key attributes of the similarities
as to how Heaven and Earth came about.
Given Revelation 21-22,
which tells of the New Jerusalem,
the city which descends down from Heaven,
and the fact that the horizon is, basically,
an aspired unification of Heaven and Earth every time we look at it...
... Earth is of the same mold as the Heaven.
The conclusion is:
we were deaulivered an Earth which comes from Heaven.

Let talent speak for you, and speak highly of you,
Let not a prejudice thought keep you from a genius moment!

This saying mainly speaks volumes about why you should let your achievements
be the moments that define you here on Earth,
as well as what stops us from receiving Heaven on Earth with open arms.
It talks about celebrities, but it is not limited to them,
because a private life could hinder a public perception about you,
therefor making others doubt your good message to the world,
a message that should inspire us, heal us, bring us closer to God,
and to ourselves a human beings, as brothers and sisters!
May you be blessed upon reading the article, in the Holy name of our Lord,
Jesus Christ!

You are not aligned  to the matters of the world,
nor to their things.

You align yourself only next to your line of thinking, even next to your dreams.
If you ever wanted to be taking one road, that road would be yours,
and everything beside it would stand as spectators, as inspiration or as support.
You are not above anyone or anything, but you are under the sky
where God is not seen, yet is found in everyone and everything nevertheless.
Omnipresence is the presence
Perseverance is most revered!
In conclusion,
Just be yourself and align to the matters
 that God drops on you through the raindrop moments every now and then,
because they are the wisest of any person,
and they are as incessant as the real rain,
they are the true incentives on which a person marches on in life!
May God bless you abundantly upon reading today's message,
in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ,


You contribute to a victory!

I thought about winning-losing, and this statement should be a motto:
You are never losing because you contribute to a victory!

In a match, it could well turn out that you are contributing to the victory
of your opponent - maybe it is their time to win.
It isn't always about you, it is about the fact or the act in which
you and your adversary is involved in.
Don't always be sad that you are losing, be glad that you are a part of a victory!
That way we could see the smallest moments of agony turn into the brightest
moments of joy, because you are sometimes learning from your mistakes,
so it cannot be all that bad for you.
The joy is the key in our lives,
be it in a match or in a promotion at work,
just like time is on our side,
because you never want to rush into anything that God didn't want you to be
involved in right on that second.
Waiting is also winning, as you know,
good things come to those who wait,
and great things happen to those who don't let a loss affect their victory road.
God wants you to be happy, but also wants you to learn day by day,
and that is why life is made up of a victory with good intentions,
a road with a few corrections, but with ultimate results!

Don't let it all go to waste, don't let yourself go astray,
May God bless your day!


What and who is He?

Who makes up God?
Me, you, him, her, the people in the valley,
the ones on the other side of the earth, your neighbor, we all are pieces of His Greatness!

What makes up God?
The river, the air, the clouds, the sky, the rooms, the streets,
the mountains, the fences, and so on, all are components of God!
This is why we are never abandoned, this is why we always come up with something,
this is why we create something new every day, because we all make up God.
Remember when God said: "I am that, I am!" in Exodus 3:14?
Well, this is why I am inclined to say that His name may be different in every language,
yet is not truly known by anyone, and this is precisely why He is greater in every thing,
in every person, and even in every deed which turns out to be a positive deed,
no matter how hard the road or how testing the ground has been leading up to it!
   He is all of these, He is!


Revelation about sentencing, death penalty and
truthful life in general

If you think about Revelation 21:8, it is important
that we realize what does hurting one another means,
or how to not stray from the path God has pre-selected
for you in your life.
For those who sin, I have a suggestion,
and you can read it in one of my blogs
right here.

May God bless you
and keep you on the right path in life,
in Jesus' Name!

Past teaching for August, '09:

In Genesis 1 God saw that it was good..

In Psalms 34:8 David: Taste and see that the Lord is good..

In John 6:35, Jesus: I am the bread of life.
He who comes to Me will not hunger,
and he who believes in Me will never thirst.

Luke 3:22 Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.


Taste the Lord's goodness,
and let God be pleased with you and your deeds and dedications
through the mediator and the connector to our Creator,
Jesus Christ.

Summer may be hot, but the Word of God is the only word that
could boil the food for our living.
This time I am sharing with you this exercise,
and I thank Jesus, Lord of life and Connector to God
for the illumination, and I pray that it is a blessing
for everyone who reads it!

Are you doubting yourself? Are you too proud of yourself?
Are you on top of things, but unsure of your next moves?
Are you using other people? Are you, yourself, being used?
Are you looking for love in a place full of hate?
Are you someone seeking to get out of debt,
to get out of sin or to get out of a bad vice?

Then do this exercise:
1. Look around.
2. Look ahead.
3. Look back.
1. Look around. (turn around 360 degrees
and absorb every thing you see or hear without seeing)
2. (while looking around, stop and... ) Look ahead.
3. (as you're looking ahead, turn around and... ) Look back.
- Look around (Can you find answers to all the initial questions from above?
Do you come up with even more questions? Still disoriented?)
- Look ahead (Can you see yourself past this moment? How can you see the future?
Do you long for someone leading you into the endless horizon?)
- Look back (Can you imagine who you were or how you acted in the past?
Can you see yourself beyond the past?
Are you disappointed about the past and want to feel enthusiastic about the future?... )
... Then turn around and look ahead.
It is like you have just gone through a compass motion prayer.
And, having gone through that,
imagine how it would be experiencing it together with Christ;
you can be an encompassing prayer, tuning in to or finding out about everything 
that you are meant to be and any thing which connects you to God, our Creator.
As we look around, ahead, back, then up ahead again,
we just have to connect the dots, and we do have to find a powerful Connector
to lead us and help us build a bridge over troubled waters, troubled dots denoting obstacles
or any problematic instances which seem like a ditch that we must never fall into.
We can only turn around in motion and look, visualize, dream, experience,
but the Lord is everywhere we look, not just ahead, and that is why we need a Connector,
to not only look but find what or whom we are looking for in every instance of our lifetime.


The following clip
was passed to me by one of my Malaysian friend.
Please, kindly watch this little video with FAITH.
Keep In Faith always, my dear brothers and sisters.

In wishing you a wonderful Easter and a blessed week thereafter,
I'm inviting you to read the verses found in Ephesians1, from 5 thru to 10.
It relates to a great message that Paul relayed to us, that we are God's children,
given a life to live and adopted for a very special purpose.

I'm reminded of the special things we have in life, of the precious things
that we cannot buy, like vision, dreams, knowledge, understanding,
reshaping of our bodies even.

I'm also mindful, not just reminded,
but mindful of the miracles and the love and the promises which God has for us,
as no human kind could come between God and us with respects to His plan!

Be also reminded, my brothers and sisters in Christ,
to live His life, whiles living yours here on Earth,
yes, live His commandments and purposes,
whilest you walk or drive here on Earth,
thus do your best, not your perfectest,
but your best to live the Heavenly life
that He can proclaim through the Spirit!

God is perfect, and we are not, we are just followers,
better yet, we are students, children in God's kingdom,
be it on Earth or in the water, or on any land, poor or rich,
and we must be thankful for His existence in us
and for us right here on Earth through Christ, our Lord... for now.
And Jesus, therefor,
 will be the only one to lead us to Heaven upon God's timeline,
and not any man or woman should claim otherwise.


Greetings and Blessings,
May your life be filled with goodness and with wisdom by God, through the Word!

Do you know how important is for someone to be born in one place
and be influenced by that place's culture? For some it is the real deal...
But we do forget sometimes that it's important to be original,
to not be a conformist, to not be influenced by what's going on in our neighborhoods.

What we follow in life is what God has planted for us,
so if we plan our course in this very life, we ought to find His seeds,
we ought to find our vocation, we owe it not only to God, but to ourselves
to find out who we are and what we are about!

We do not come from our surroundings, but we listen and we follow advices,
we come from our Creator, and that's the most important knowledge we can ever learn.

Countries or neighborhoods don't add to us, but we add to them;
Accents or races do not overtake people,
but some people try to overwhelm us with supremacy.
It's not about that!
It's not about trying to be influencial,
It's about being special!

People could add to some other people, thus enriching their lives,
but God adds to us, and we should be grateful, thankful and follow His Word
which He so lovingly gave us.


This time I bring you the following link ;
it is important that you read what the Roman See has to say regarding
the unity of Churches worldwide, their purposes and their origins. God bless you on the reading of
this article .


There is nothing wrong in saying "Merry Christmas", as you are wishing the person in front of you, or send a greeting to everyone else for that matter wishing them a good time and the happiest of tidings in Christ. Wishing someone well, good tidings and prosperity is never a bad intention.


What could go wrong if someone approached you and said "Happy Ramadan" during the Ramadan month, not knowing or not paying attention or care that you might not celebrate the occasion? Wishing someone well, humility and peace is never a bad intention.


Suppose someone is wishing you "Happy Hanukkah", without realizing you are not of the Jewish faith. Wishing someone well, a miracle and blessings is never a bad intention.


There certainly are other well wishers that are suddenly approaching you- what will you do?


Kwanzaa wishers want you to have great heart and celebrate the African heritage, the culture and the achievements of the black men and women throughout times.
Specifically, those "first fruits of the harvest" ("matunda ya kwanza's" meaning) are honored and the African struggle is observed for one week during the holiday, certainly during which you may find yourself blessed with a greeting wishing you well, prosperity and reverance, which is never a bad intention.


During the Diwali celebrations, the people of Hindu faith, or everyone of the Budhist faith are extending their illuminating attention which is meant to wish you well and to tell you that good triumphs over evil inside yourself everytime.


We do see a pattern, don't we? Everyone is wishing you well, as if in their own language... How about in their own culture? How about in their own way? Or how about in the only way they have been brought up to say it?


Anyone wishing you "Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Kwanza, and Happy Hanukkah to you as well!" is gravely misunderstanding what they just said! During a holiday, the same could be said for the "Happy holidays" general wish as well, for they do not seem to realize, or they are not sure what to do or say in the respective holiday timeline... "Christmas is approaching everyone! Quick, panic!!"


Basically, you can't go wrong with any of the wishes. It is with great satisfaction and in great heart allowed to say Merry Christmas, because Christmas is on the horizon and you are of Christian faith and you are wishing someone the best.


However, as you have been reading, and as you are well aware of the different religions around the world, there is not a unifier, yet there are lots of dividers (even in Christianity) placed by mankind in order to sound more boastful of their own kind or to exalt one's religion in the eyes of God.


Romans 3 is such an enlightening chapter, a highlighter of the truth under His watchful eyes, so here is a passage from it:


Rom 3:21-27 "But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, even the righteousness of God, through faith in Jesus Christ, to all and on all who believe.
For there is no difference; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God set forth [as] a propitiation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed, to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.
Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? Of works? No, but by the law of faith."


In conclusion, Christ has come to unify the world's people as well as the world's faiths and religions.
He has come so that everyone who believes in Him may have everlasting life, for He is the way, the truth and the life, and no man or woman could come to redeem or reclaim me or you or everyone else because we are, first, sinners, and, second, we are blessed, so we cannot bless ourselves but the Word of God and God Himself can, through His Word.


Merry Christmas!!

This article which I've written, I posted it as well on Townhall.com, today, December 22nd, 2008.
May God bless you and care for you and be with you in 2009 as He has been with you through Jesus Christ,our Lord until today.

Some proverbs which I've written this week,
and thanks and praises go to God for this blessing.
May you be blessed as you are reading this, especially on these holy days all around the world!

The streets are full of dreams, as they host the young ones' steps, while the skies are blooming wisdom through the elder ones' eyes.
The atmosphere is filled with hope, as it cares about the middle aged ones', while the winds are bringing knowledge by, ready to be absorbed by everyone in their paths.


Previous Writings:

How about this life story we live in?
Is it really a story?

The more you look around,
it feels like you're reading.
The more you use your mind,
it feels like you are learning something.
The more you meet people in general reality,
or read the Bible,
you find out about angels, a devil,
people that are used by that devil,
people that are on Earth to help you,
to be your friends or even to inspire you,
one Holy Spirit that was granted Saviour status by the One God of the universe
and so on.

You can conclude from this that we live in a story
and the plot is to make it to God through a simple path that includes a simple pact with the Saviour.
We can also conclude that, by looking around,
we can see that
no human goes to the Satan, but the Satan find us or lets us fall into his traps.
So, no one is truly evil, but their acts are,
perhaps through no fault of their own.

Life is a true story and the characters in it are real.
Just stay close to God and His Goodness and there will be no evil in your storyline.


One most important lesson:
"The Third Heaven" Encounter

As written in 2nd Corinthians 12 (v.1-6) The apostle Paul mentions a man who was taken up to Heaven, and on his way up he saw and heard things that no one should ever speak of.
The one who had spoken that way, he goes on, was an angel, (and he could have been only an angel of Satan), because such vile words are not uttered in Heaven.
[as faith would have it and as destiny proved,
these words that were uttered were never to make it to Heaven where God, the Father presides with Christ by His side]
And,so, because he was an angel, that negative person was given too higher access, allowed too higher permission by the angel of darkness.
We should take heart that God, the Father, as continued in Corinthians 12, did take Paul under His potective wings and did not allow him to worry about
what he saw and heard.
God even mentions to Paul that it is in weakness that he will see the strength of the Mighty One, so it is not a worry, nor it is a suffer.
We must take into account that God helps us when we are weak, and He lifts us through the glory of the Spirit
because the strength truly lies in faith, much more than in the letter of the law, even.
As for that 3rd layer which leads to Heaven on our way up, we can take notice when it was written, when it was said, and when it was prophesized,
for there will be many who would claim God is on their side, and there have been some who did, even that God allows martyrs to attack others and die for him, and there are some who do,
yet, as we see, the only love, caring and guidance comes through the peace that the one true God offers us abundently through His Son, the Connector.
Praised be His Name, for He was, is and will always be the Word of God
much higher than an angel and much more important than a prophet, an apostle or an imitator of both.

Please read 2nd Corinthians: 11 (v.13-15)
2nd Corinthians 12 (v.1-6)
and 2nd Corinthians 3 (v.9)


Israel is (repesentant) of the people,
Jerusalem is (the press release) of God,
setting the stage for the New Jerusalem.
Why repesentant? Because Israel has been there from the beginning of mankind, and it has shown us and it continues to show us that peace among people of different backgounds is hard to achieve, and everything that happens there, from anger to calmness, from noise to silence, from sadness to happiness, they happen in other countries as well.
So, Israel is like a mirror of what may happen somewhere else this very moment.
Yet God is showing us through current Jerusalem the wonderful coming together of all the various backgrounds of the people, and they may not alwayws agree, but everyone wants to have a stake in that special city high on a hill,
and this is a prophecy which will ultimately be understood more at the Second Coming of God's own Son,
the true Uniter.

Previous Wisdom:

 While people are men of words and women of feelings,
God is The God of precise words and meaningful feelings.


 While people are made up of men speaking a lot of words, sometimes of confusion,
other times of war, and of women showing a lot of feelings, sometimes of distress,
other times of lust...
 ... God is The God that gives peace through words and their deifnitions,
                                  and gives life through words and their resolutions.


 While people are the men who take away,
God is The God who gives;
 And, while people are the women who are taken away,
God is The God who rescues.




Glory be to God, the Father, upon us all
through His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord,
for this revelation of wisdom and knowledge.




 Inviting God in our life is like inviting goodness, much like inviting perfection, quite like inviting a unique Role Model, starring Jesus Christ as the main protagonist.

 What if we strive for a role mode in our daily whereabouts and throughout our walkabouts, yet we are surrounded by everyday people and personalities who could only inspire us, but they cannot deliver us what we need. What if we strive for perfection, for every thing to go right in our daily lives, yet we meet obstacles or we are obstructions at different stoplights in our lifetimes. What if we could thrive on thinking positive, taking every little step in life that we make and have it transformed it in a little prayer, so that we could have the good come out of it, while letting the bad be separated so we could never hear of it again!

 That is why we need God in the goodness that we are looking for in all that we do and in all whom we meet.

Consider this:
God cannot come down and walk with you,
But His Angels came to show you the drill,
and, rest assured,
His Word comes to show you the way, the truth and the life,
all because God, the Father, cared about you
and couldn't leave you drifting way wards, 
without the promised, prophesied truth,
and without a blessed life.

 If you open the Bible, you would find out that all negative things amount to positive things. Life is a story of overcoming obstacles and challenges, and if we spend too much time and energy and feelings on earthly things and belongings instead of focusing on heavenly and spiritual gifts, then we would not receive God's blessings or find any of His answers to our prayers in our lifetime.

 And if you read on and on, from the beginning to the end, and spend time looking for God's Word and His promise to our world, then you find out that a simple word becomes a simple action that only God could set it in motion and no one else, once personified, and that is that the Word becomes flesh, becomes human, becomes the promise that God made to this world.

  You know, back in the biblical days, the people, the apostles, the prophets, the believers, they did not have a Bible book to go by, or one wasn't called so, but they did have the commandments written by the finger of God a second time (first time was entrusted to Moses to bring them the tables). In the Second Testament, Jesus was already quoting from a Book (to the Pharisees, etc.) Today, we have been blessed with this Book telling the history of those special early days. Given that the Bible is the Book of days, there may be books that will tell about some of us in the future... or have we already seen other books tell about a few good people and a few bad people who've shaped and reshaped the history of mankind? Again, given that the Bible is the Book of days, what we do may help others (as our forefathers are helping us, as we are the generations of the tribes at the creation of mankind, after all), therefore, our personal history is what builds and builds upon and rebuilds, at times, our personal book, the one which must contain our names if we're to be worthy of entering Heaven, if we're those who keep God's commandments and God Himself (the Word who is Jesus Christ) in our hearts.

Take a look at this dialogue:

"If there are lots of religions, how do you expect people to come together?"
"Hmm, through love?"
"Oh, yeah…"
"Isn't God all about love?"
"Yes, He is. And us humans are looking for love in every marriage, in every friendship, in every situation…"
"Right! My love is your love…"
"… And your love is my love…"
"That said, then, aren't we all looking for a common love granted to us by one sole God?"
"I guess so: one God, one love… but a multitude of people!"
"A multiple of people but not a multitude of loves..."
"Indeed, a multitude of people, not a multitude of gods, which is basically what many sources of love create. That's chaos!"
"And chaos equals Satan :("
The source, then, should be one God that loves diversity, loves multiplication and loves us."
"And we love Him!"
"Amen, brother!"

It's easy to understand that God is all about love, nothing else, and He expects us to love and respect one another, nothing less. Yes, Death is was created by God, but so was the lake of fire, and He does not desire you to go there, as it wasn't created for you, unless you are deadset against Him or against His commandments (unless you are the son of Satan, and only one is, that is Io or Ios, or Alexander, or Helios, Abaddon, Apollyon (see Revelation 9:11). The unpardonable sin is to blaspheme, speak against the Holy Ghost, (see Matthew 12:31-32, Mark 3:29, Luke 12:10). Sadness does not belong to His people, and, while we all experience tragedy, we should look forward, learn from our mistakes and try and live a more perfected love, for we cannot be perfect, but we can be inspired by the Lord, who was perfect...
Another advised scripture on why things happen or how God operates is the Book of Job on this topic.

And that is why God is invited among us
to guide us, to protect us and to bless ourselves as well as our children!

 I invite you to discover the Word that is our Lord, Jesus Christ, in whom our Father entrusted His own bit of Himself to come down and show the world that He could also experience what we experience every day and overcome, thus, any problem, be up to any challenge, and even have an ear out to any of the prophecies... all in order for us to find the way to our eternal heavenly path, through The Key, the connection to Heaven that is Jesus.


It is not our mind that remembers it, it is our heart who remembers, our mind just understands it all.

It is our heart which keeps all the members of the body together, not our mind who can become forgetful or rugged at times.

It is Jesus who must be in your heart to help drive us onwards, for he never forgets to protect us, never forgets to teach us, never forgets to love us.
We, on the other hand, are not trustworthy drivers of the heart, mind, or soul.


 Inviting God in our life is what we all must do in order for the bad, the wrong, the misusing and the misinterpreting to stay away from us, to be gone!

 Welcome, therefor, to the house where God is invited... the ministry where the Lord is invited!

 We like to think that...
In the world there's the Lord, and the Lord is the Word in the world.

Please view the Mike Hoggard programs
which prophetically pinpoint the good and the evil in our present times.

You will see that there are not tens or hundreds of religions or spiritualisms,
but two and only two sides we should be concerned about.


Once it will be revealed to the whole world who is that runs the Earth,
it will become obvious, and the evil one, the beast will be unmasked.

What you can do today, is to escape the beast, namely Satan and his occult world,
right in the arms of Jesus Christ, the true Son of God, and believe in Him with all your heart.
(Acts 8:37)

[Note that this verse is blotted out from the Catholic and other Modern versions of the Bible
or marked as non-important, when it should be of essence to salvation)

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What to learn from God? There are a few things to note about life in your mind and keep them knotted in your soul.

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