A plan in progress.

A word forming an expression:
( a clef key, a warm embrace, a soulful voice, a song,
a dance, an emotion, an
embraceon key )

A clef key unlocks the notes of a song;
An Embraceon key unlocks the affection.

In order to view the lyrics by cicking on the main
image above, we have to keep it exclusive, and so
the annual fee is $15 USD (payable by Paypal).

If you represent a record company or are a manager,
and are serious about collaboration, or just seeking
inspiration, this fee represents you accessing the
lyrics, and giving the singer the freedom to collaborate
with me (owner of Embraceon).

If you are a new singer and are looking for a writer,
then the exclusive live console is for you as well.
I write, therefor, the initial lyrics;
you, as the singer, will put it to music.
A collab will ensure the final sound.

The final poduct must be a positive one,
thus a fitting song for the public to hear it, rated G.
There are no additional fees (other than future royalties),
just collaboration, while the song must appear as:
"Song Name", written by "Artist's Name" with "Embraceon".

Everytime I post something new on the exclusive link,
you can view it for an entire year.

Embraceon has a writer, yours truly, but is looking for:
- a vocalist (soulful voice, articulate and with a good diction)
- an instrumentalist (skillful with a variety of instruments)
- an expressionist (dancer - classical and modern training)
- a drawing artist; an animation artist
- a tailor.
This expression was coined by Damsi
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