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  Welcome to...       The House of Deau
                           by yours truly, Damsi Deau

  Straight from the Surfd'eau on the palette of Deauwhere,
from where words pour, "falling plum on the lines of poetry™",
enjoy the raydeau, the deauvisms, the deauliveries, the storylines,
the poetry, the links, the view and the show!


  Deaulivery is more than a metaphor, but when I coined the word in 2008,
I had no idea it can also be a parable; this is clearly evident, as we read in
Genesis 1:6-10.
  I hope you will be comforted, inspired and motivated while uncovering
your true deauliveries in life!


  The D'eauclusive - this is the new "pouring experience" from Deau.
This is Live-writing at its most exciting time, as everything happens "live".
For a yearly subscription of $7, LiveDeau is quite a showdown,
a poetic realm, a "raydeau", an interactive way for you and the writer.
The experience is yours to discover!


  The phone with the links below used to be my personal cell phone wallpaper.
Please feel free to mouseover any letters for an explanation of the links.
  Happy navigation!


My Projects:
Proposed Legislation/Motions


Brighter Days 2 Consider8 Forum
based on the 2008 thought out word
includes and denotes
an interactive way of sharing
my poems, songs, innovations,
my ideas, proposed legislation,
(you can view them in the models frame at the bottom,
or open them in a new window from here),
plus interviews and your chance to showcase
and discuss any TV character.
on Netvibes


Former or current Blogs:
20Six Journal
Blurty Journal


Other sites by me:
God Invited Ministries
Presiding Times


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Lively, Continuous Kiss
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All animations on this page have its dialogs
written by Damsi Deau,
with characters developed by Xtranormal


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slideshare files
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My 3rd book that I'm writing live for subscribers only.
This is an event which I started in 2013.

If you cannot view, here are the details on how to subscribe
to view the book.

A special lyrics delivery.
This is an event in which I write, and you can sing it!
brought to you exclusively by me, Damsi Deau!

If you cannot view, here are the details on what this project
is all about.




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